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Our Clients

We take clients on customized learning journeys that deliver strong business impact.

Aditya Birla
American Express
Harlem Children's Zone
Kraft Heinz
Morgan Stanley
S&P Global
Tata Communications
The Holdsworth Center
Thomson Reuters

Case Studies

Ericsson Case Study


Ericsson needed to get a global group of 200+ executives to step out of their comfort zone and learn new strategic impact skills and behaviors. Our challenge was to develop an online learning community where these globally-dispersed executives across strategy, finance, sales and HR functions could bolster their own skills, and seek honest, constructive feedback from their peers.

We were asked to design an experiential learning journey that would help these executives...

GE Ventures Case Study


Our client, the venture capital subsidiary of GE, came to us to bring interpersonal skills to the entrepreneurial CEOs from their portfolio companies after equipping them in strategy and business skills. The learning team needed training that would be relatable to each leader—and to a group that was highly diverse in terms of work experience, industry and corporate culture.

We designed a custom, two-day Inner Mastery & Outer Impact workshop, which included topics on the growth mindset, emotional mastery, relationships, difficult conversations...

Harlem Children’s Zone Case Study


Our client was seeking to transition from one generation of leaders to another in the face of a rapidly evolving public and private landscape around funding education and inner-city development (e.g., gentrification, politics, etc.). The new CEO needed to inspire the new leadership team to prepare for the next 30 years, after decades of tremendous success in positively impacting opportunities for children and families in Harlem and beyond.

Mentora’s goal was to build internal trust, improve collaboration and create sustainable...

Kraft Heinz Case Study


Kraft Heinz had recently been involved in a merger, and the organization was learning to function in this new environment. Employees were asked to adjust to the new operating structure and be more productive with fewer resources. After several years that were focused on change and operational efficiency, the Head of People and Performance sought to optimize and uplift the culture.

Our challenge was to build a program for new managers in cross-functional leadership positions across global teams. Our goal was...

Pfizer Case Study


Pfizer faced several internal and external barriers to finding new winning strategies for drug commercialization. The internal barriers included sales and marketing teams that were risk averse and tethered to a traditional sales model. The external barriers included a shrinking drug pipeline, disruptive digital innovations in the marketplace and cost-containment measures by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our challenge was to create a learning journey that would help these leaders and their teams shift from a culture of risk...

Tata Communications Case Study


Tata Communications wanted us to infuse Mentora tools and techniques into their new leadership competency framework, for their top leadership forum comprised of 245 globally-dispersed leaders, cutting across diverse cultures and functions. Their desired outcome was that these leaders would then be able to effectively foster a culture of collaboration within their teams.

Our challenge was to build a custom program that would help these leaders shift their mindsets and behaviors, and give them the skills required to create...

The Holdsworth Center Case Study


Our client, an educational nonprofit with the goal of raising the quality of education for the 5.5 million students in Texas public schools, brought us in to facilitate leadership training for superintendents, principals and key administrators across seven districts on one of their four learning objectives: Personal Leadership.

Through our inner mastery curriculum, we sought to help these leaders establish a common vision to support current leaders and cultivate future leaders in the Texas public school...

Verizon Case Study


Verizon invited us to design content for its annual leadership academy program, with a focus on strategic problem-solving and effective communication.Our challenge was to create a program that not only equipped leaders to solve complex problems, but also to give them an opportunity to address their own development needs.

We designed a program that drew on our work and research on Driving Strategic Impact and Mastering Difficult Conversations. The learning journey ...

A Big Four Accounting Firm Case Study


A Big Four accounting firm approached us to design a leadership program for their junior staff—a millennial population—to develop their interpersonal skills. The internal Learning & Development team wanted to provide these up-and-coming leaders with access to learning opportunities that were previously only available to their managers and senior managers.

We designed an experiential learning journey rooted in the science of learning that would lead to immediate application and improvement of their interpersonal skills in the...

A Global Telecom Company Case Study


Our client had been facing dramatic changes in its external and internal environment. They wanted leaders at multiple layers of the organization to learn how to make high impact decisions in these challenging conditions. This required a shift from a culture of risk-aversion to disciplined risk-taking, in order to not miss out on valuable contracts and beneficial business outcomes.

Our challenge was to create a training program which would work at multiple levels of the organizational structure, across global teams and cross functionally...